Sound Editing Course

Sound Editing Course

Among various essential elements of any moving picture, sound is an inherent part of the settings. Without proper sound element, it is impossible to achieve a full-fledged cinematic experience. At Dreamzone, our sound editing courses in Dehradun are poised to train individuals for the basics & advances in the field of sound engineering. They will also get to know how to transit from a Non Liner Editing System (NLE) to a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

We expose our students to various tools that help them understand the use of filters, hardware, and plugins in regard to the control of audio for a given soundtrack. Our integrated approach to teaching makes us a leader in this segment and develops better understanding of the working of each tool inside and out.

By utilizing the knowledge we impart you throughout our course you’ll be able to develop a professional grade mix with all of the elements; refined dialogue tracks, accurate Foley tracks, exhilarating special effects, and ambient tracks that infuse your film with an intensified sense of drama.

Our focus is on teaching both the functional/technical as well as creative aspects of sound editing and recording process. We expose our students to the state-of-the-art equipment used in professional sound studios so that they become ready for a full-fledged sound editing project.

With our industry-approved sound editing courses in Dehradun, you can seek to create magnificent soundtracks for any given project. So, get ready for an exciting career in sound editing by pursuing a related course at Dreamzone.

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