Master Diploma in Interior Architecture & Design

Master Diploma in Interior Architecture & Design

Higher income and higher aspirations are creating demand for interior designs. Interior design for residents includes kitchen and bath design, and model homes; interior design for commercial buildings involve decorating interiors of corporate offices, healthcare, retail facilities, institutes, hotels, entertainment venues, among others. Another part of interior design is speciality design that deals with lighting, codes, and product design.

DreamZone’s Master Diploma is a flexible, part-time program, suitable for people who cannot pursue degree programmes offered by colleges. Course Objective To impart training in all aspects of interior design and to provide adequate knowledge of the industry best practices. Curriculum The course teaches fundamental principles of interior design and then various areas of specializations. Incorporation of subjects of humanities such as human behavior and psychology, along with environmental sciences and technology, make the course comprehensive and students well grounded in the art of designing spaces.

Students study three volumes of books on residential and commercial projects and master four software tools that are used to create digital designs and planning.

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Software We Teach

Adobe Photoshop


Corel Draw

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

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