Diploma in Character Modeling & Texturing

Diploma in Character Modeling & Texturing

Character Modeling & Texturing course teaches students how to conceive characters “from the inside out” to create strong personalities. Classic animation techniques are analyzed and brought to life. It lets students explore the user interfaces of relevant Computer Aided Design software and how they can be used to add and interact with objects, and other aspects an aspiring animator could wish for.

Course Objective: This course aims at simplifying the complexities of modeling and animating, with a special focus on characters.
Curriculum: The course teaches the processes and valuable techniques involved in creating facial expressions and emotions and rendering that really transform movies. With the focus on visualization, the students will learn the fundamentals of Character Modeling and Texturing. They would master 3D Modeling and animation software and bring their ideas to life.
Software used: 3ds Max or Maya.

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Software We Teach

Adobe Photoshop


Corel Draw

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects
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