AutoCAD for Creative Design

AutoCAD for Creative Design

AutoCAD Training: Digital technology continues to influence and catalyze the ongoing evolution of interior design practices. Even a few years ago interior designs were presented using traditional presentation boards, but today the ideas are illustrated in 3D renderings.

Autocad Training in Dehradun

There is an increasing need for interior designers to produce designs with accuracy. Hence, using AutoCAD has become the digital drawing tool of choice for interior designs. CAD allows designers to make changes easier, and integrate interior design with the architect’s design. Drawings can be done in full scale. Designers need to draw, fixtures, furniture, appliances, etc only one time and reuse them for other drawings. Course Objective The course arms interior design students with solid, practical know-how and step-by-step CAD instructions. This course aims to help students master CAD for interior design. Curriculum The curriculum emphasis on professional applications and provides students with a set of skills that can be used immediately in profession. AutoCAD training in Dehradun is the highlight of the program. Basic principles of graphic design and portfolio design, rendering and animation are taught. But, lessons also cover basic principles of design, wherein the development of technical and manual drawing skills are given due importance.

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