Diploma in Animation & Visual Effects

Diploma in Animation & Visual Effects

Studying Animation and VFX in Dehradun
Animation Institute in dehradun

Graphic design, animation, and VFX have become hot career options recently. As our civilization has evolved into a machine-dependent system, so have our advertising and communication needs. Graphic and audio-visual content is the best way to attract attention for brands and businesses, and as a result, there is a high demand for animators and graphic designers. Dehradun houses some of the best colleges and institutes that provide thorough training in design and animation. Today, there is a huge market for animators and graphic artists in other sectors like IT, marketing, fashion design, interior design, commodity advertising and more, in addition to the more traditional roles in the media and the film industry.

Being one of the area’s premiere animation institutes, the Dreamzone School of Creative Studies offer a full palette of vocational courses in the field of graphics and animation and offers diploma in animation course. All the courses are devised carefully with consultation from industry experts. The faculty members are highly experienced in using the latest digital machinery to create superb animation and graphic content.

The animation institute offers eleven certificate courses on various software like Adobe Dreamweaver, AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Photoshop, PHP, WordPress, Adobe Premiere, and others. These animation courses deal with teaching the students the basics and other important aspects of web page design, graphics visualization, product advertising content, image enhancing, etc. Topics like 3D design and animation done using 3D MAX are covered in these courses.

There are five diploma courses offered by Dreamzone. They are: Diploma in 3D Set Modelling & Texturing, Diploma in Animation & Visual Effects, Diploma in Character Modelling & Texturing, PG Diploma in Graphics & Animation, and Diploma in IAD Graphics. State-of-the-art software like 3Ds MAX or Maya, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Sound Forge, and others are covered in these courses. Each diploma course focuses on different aspects of graphic design and animation, such as character development and details, three-dimensional textures, visual effects, and others.

Dreamzone is one of the few animation institutes that offers a Master Diploma in 2D Graphics & Web Design, and a Master Diploma in 3D Modelling and Animation, which also includes topics like post production and basic studies of human and animal anatomy to make realistic content.

There are also two dedicated courses for animation viz, 3Ds MAX training, and a Sound Editing course. With proper training in 3Ds MAX from Dreamzone, a student will be able to create stunning designs and spaces, ranging from architectural projects to interior decoration. There is also exposure to the film industry as VFX artists to create virtual worlds and provide special effects to movies.

The Sound Editing course offered here in Dreamzone, Dehradun, is industry-approved. One gets to experience the sound building process of a movie: recording vocals, using a Non-Linear Editing System (NLE), and shifting to a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), incorporating Foley tracks, and background scores for a movie are all topics taught to students here. Students experience the learning process first-hand from professional industry experts in proper sound studios, using state-of-the-art recording and processing equipment.

For an exciting and satisfactory career choice in Graphics, Animation, and VFX, and to acquire excellent foreign and domestic placements, visit Dreamzone School of Creative Studies.

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