Diploma in Interior Architecture Design

Diploma in Interior Architecture Design

Interior Designing with Dreamzone

The world of making a dream building is truly exciting and this might be the reason why a large number of people aspire to make their career in Interior Designing. From building architectural masterpieces to beautifying them in a fabulous way,  Interior Designing asks for high level of creative acumen and dexterity that sets the ground for a creative marvel.

Being a premier interior and architecture design institute in Dehradun, it offers Master Diploma that is appropriate for people looking to achieve big in the given career field. The course intends to impart career-oriented training in all aspects of interior design by providing abundant knowledge of the industry best practices.

Interior Design Courses in Dehradun

If giving life to space is your dream, we are here to help you realize that dream by training skills to plan and execute creative interiors. This industry-associated degree course gives our students the opportunity to learn and practice the adaptation and reuse of space within new and existing building structures, while meeting the requirements related to aesthetics, materiality, human aspects and more. The course also trains you the transient qualities of character, atmosphere, color, shade and light.

Our foremost objective is to train our students for both residential as well as commercial structural needs and prepare them for the competitive industry that is evolving like nothing else.

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Software We Teach

Adobe Photoshop


Corel Draw

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects